In 2011 We Are Aggie Pride was founded by a group of students who were inspired to help fellow students who were struggling financially stay in school. Each year, We Are Aggie Pride assembles a team of students to plan our events, cultivate community and business relationships, manage the budget, strategize communications, grant awards, and more. If you have the passion and experience to serve your campus through this program, apply to be a volunteer or to serve on our board of directors! Information about volunteering and applying can be found on our Get Involved page.

WAAP 2016-2017 Board #8


We Are Aggie Pride Board of Directors



Karla Timbang

Program Director

Hi everyone! My name is Karla and I am a fourth-year Psychology and Communication major. This is my second year with WAAP and I decided to join because I was looking for a way to give back to the Davis community. I believe that money should not be the reason why people are unable to receive a good education. A personal goal of mine is to contribute to the welcoming atmosphere of Davis and I’m hoping to that through WAAP. My favorite place to be on campus is the CoHo, so make sure to say hi if you see me!

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nossin-khan-small riley-allen-small

Nossin Khan and Riley Allen

Strategic Fundraising & Stewardship Directors

Hi! I’m Nossin (No-sheen), and I am a third year neurobiology, physiology, and behavior major. This is my second year with WAAP and I decided to get involved with WAAP because I believe that students shouldn’t have to worry about making ends meet when they’re trying to get an education. Studying for school is hard enough, and worrying about financial troubles just stress students out even more. I’m also involved with MAPS and I do research on flies in a lab. When I have some time to kill in between classes, you can find me napping in the arboretum!

My name is Riley and I’m a communication major that transferred from Southern California. This is my first year on the WAAP Board of Directors. I learned about the organization while partnering with last year’s co-director (Ellen) on a PR project for WAAP. Outside of WAAP you can find me serving sandwiches to hungry students at the CoHo, biking around obnoxiously fast, or falling down face first on my long-board. I made the move to serve here at We Are Aggie Pride because I believe finances shouldn’t limit people’s access to education.

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Yesenia Cortez

Awards Director

Hi! My name is Yesenia Cortez and I am a fourth-year Biological Sciences major. This is my first year as a part of We Are Aggie Pride, and I am excited to work with the WAAP team to ensure that UC Davis students can continue to pursue their education and exert their efforts on their academics rather than finances. In my free time, you can find me eating overly spicy food or singing off-tune when I think no one is listening.

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brittany-chin-small emma-rudolph-small kimberly-hara-small

Brittany Chin, Emma Rudolph, and Kimberly Hara

Communication Directors 

Hey! I’m Brittany and I am a second-year Communication major. I started as an Ambassador for WAAP last year and decided to stay because I love giving back to the community. WAAP’s mission stuck with me because I truly believe money shouldn’t be the deciding factor on whether or not one receives an education. When I’m not with WAAP, you can usually find me at Mandro or the CoHo!

Hello! My name is Emma and I am a fourth-year Psychology and Communication major with a minor in education. This is my first year with WAAP and I am so excited to be a part of this amazing organization. I knew I wanted to be a part of WAAP when I learned how much good they bring to the UC Davis campus. I believe finances should not stop anyone from accomplishing this dreams and bettering their future. I want to make sure that students at UC Davis have the opportunity to stay in school and WAAP gives me this opportunity. You can catch me hanging out in the Silo or CoHo always drinking coffee.

Hello my name is Kimberly Hara and being a fourth year at UC Davis, I can’t wait to serve on the board of WAAP!  This is my first year to be involved and I hope to give a lot back to the community and make an impact on campus!  I am apart of our communications team and really want to spread the word to fellow students and reach as many people as possible. I love hiking and watching Netflix but most of all I love being a student at UC Davis!

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elaine-liao-small joanna-plaza-uriostegui-small

Elaine Liao and Joanna Plaza-Uriostegui

Event Directors

Hello! My name is Elaine, and I am a third-year majoring in Communication and hoping to minor in Technology Management. This is my first year with We Are Aggie Pride, and I decided to join because I’ve always been passionate about giving back to the community. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to an education, regardless of their background. Aside from We Are Aggie Pride, I am also a board member of Delta Sigma Pi here on campus. In my free time, you can find me at the CoHo or attempting to work out!

My name is Joanna Plaza-Uriostegui and I am a fourth-year Communication major with a minor in Professional Writing. As a transfer student, I wanted to be more involved with the student community at UC Davis, and I have found that in We Are Aggie Pride. This is my first year being on the board of directors and I can’t wait to help students. On campus, I have worked with the non-profit organization CALPIRG, and now I serve as a Peer Advising Counselor for the Education Opportunity Program. It is an honor to work with amazing programs that aim to help students reach their dreams as everyone deserves an education. During my free time, I love to sit in the Quad, eat a snack from the CoHo, or simply study.

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llisel-ayon-small peul-jessie-choi-small

Llisel Ayon and Peul “Jessie” Choi

Volunteer and Community Event Directors

Hello! My name is Llisel and I’m a fourth year Communication and Sustainable Design double major. This is my first year with WAAP and I’m incredibly excited to start getting involved in the Davis community and start giving back to my fellow students. Besides WAAP, I work for Event Services at the Arc, intern for the California Council of Land Trusts, and am heavily involved in my sorority, Lambda Omicron Xi. In my free time I love hiking, camping, eating, and spending time with my family.

Hello, everyone! My name is Peul (a.k.a. Jessie) and I’m a third year Communication major. This is my first year with WAAP, and I’m very excited to see what I can offer our UC Davis community. I got involved with WAAP because of my philosophy that capable people should not be knocked out of their momentum due to something completely out of their control. Outside of WAAP, I’m heavily interested in the digital and technological world, and you’ll frequently find me indoors because I detest warm weather. Don’t let my earbuds/phones scare you off – come closer and say hello!

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trevor-fobel-small yasmeen-rodriguez-small

Trevor Fobel and Yasmeen Rodriguez

External Outreach Directors

Hello, my name is Trevor! I’m a fifth year majoring in Mechanical Engineering. This is my first year with WAAP, and I am very excited to serve on the board as External Outreach Director. I’m hopeful that my time in WAAP will be my way of giving back to a university and community that has given me so much. I joined WAAP because it is my belief that money should not be a determining factor in having access to something as important as a degree from UC Davis.   In my free time I like to hit the gym, play clarinet for the Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh!  and work for the UC Davis Police Department as an Aggie Host Security Officer.

Hello! I’m Yasmeen and I’m a fourth year International Relations with a minor in Communication. This is my first year with WAAP and I wanted to be involved with this organization because I believe students shouldn’t be stressing over expenses when all they are doing is pursuing their dream of graduating in a fantastic university. WAAP gives a handful of help to many students struggling with their expenses and I love to be part of the community that helps others. Let’s have a good year everyone!

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Staff Advisers


Maile Juranits

Development Adviser

Hello! My name is Maile and I am a UC Davis graduate. I am currently the Director of the UC Davis Telephone Outreach Program and I have worked within the university for over 10 years. This is my fourth year as an adviser for We Are Aggie Pride and I am proud to be part of this wonderful organization. I am passionate about philanthropy and improving the lives of UC Davis students. I support We Are Aggie Pride because we help struggling students achieve their college dreams and for many students that is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In my free time, I enjoy roaming the Davis Farmers’ Market and biking and running the bike paths of Davis. I am an Aggie for life!

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Alejandra Ramirez

Development Adviser

Hi there! As a UC Davis alum I know how difficult and stressful it can be to financially support yourself through college. I graduated in 2014, and as a student I worked at the Telephone Outreach Program as a Student Fundraiser and served on the We Are Aggie Pride board. Now, I work as Development Analyst for Annual and Special Gifts at UC Davis. I am so excited to be working with We Are Aggie Pride again as an adviser and to see the program continue making a difference for fellow Aggies. During my free time, I like cuddling, smooching or petting my fur babies, Cocoa and Oliver.

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Kaleena Bergfors

Development Adviser

Hello, my name is Kaleena! I am currently the Development Analyst in Foundation and Corporate Giving and am a graduate of UC Davis. During my senior year, I served as the Events Co-Director for We Are Aggie Pride. I have vast experience in event planning, sponsorships, and outreach communications and I am very excited to now serve as a development advisor for the organization!  I support We Are Aggie Pride because I believe strongly in building a culture of philanthropy in Davis and helping struggling students achieve their educational goals.  In my free time I like to travel, be it to another country or just to a new California city, as well as spend time outdoors.

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Soua Lo

Financial Aid Adviser

Hello, my name is Soua Lo. I am a UCD alumni and currently work in the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office as a financial aid adviser and program coordinator for special programs such as Study Abroad, UC Washington DC, and UC Center Sacramento. I have been involved with WAAP for over a year and serve as a staff adviser for the Awards Director and team. I am so honored and inspired to be a part of WAAP because of their beautiful and amazing philanthropic mission of serving and helping others. During my spare time, I like to eat, volunteer, and catch up on my favorite comedy shows. Also, I strongly believe that ice-cream makes everything better.

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