Alums Renee ’76 and Mike Child ’76 have been strong supporters of We Are Aggie Pride and were helpful in developing our 10 to 1 match student challenge with the UC Davis Foundation. They are pictured here with some of our 2016 WAAP Board members. We are SO grateful for their support!

At We Are Aggie Pride, we firmly believe that a temporary financial setback should not force any student to discontinue their education. The UC Davis Foundation Board agrees with us. This year they challenged WAAP to raise $10,000 in gifts from our fellow students. If we meet that goal, they will multiply that amount by 10, and give us $100,000 to support the program into the future!

It is an unbelievably generous offer from some amazing, dedicated Aggie alums, and we are very grateful for their belief in our program.

But we can’t meet this challenge without help from students like you! If you haven’t given to WAAP yet, give now. You can be the difference between a student having to drop out of UC Davis and a student completing their degree. And thanks to the UC Davis Foundation, this year your $20 gift will be worth $220!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How did WAAP start?

We Are Aggie Pride was developed in 2011 by a group of students who believed in keeping their peers in school through financial difficulties or emergency situations. Student Zena Brown ’12 was inspired by the K-State Proud program at Kansas State University, that supplies emergency funding to students in need. She and the founding board members, pictured below, performed focus groups with other student leadership groups on campus to determine what issues were most important to the student body. With the great recession still in full swing, providing emergency funding to their peers ended up being the issue they all agreed was most important. In February of 2012 the group officially launched the program.

2012 We Are Aggie Pride Founding Board Members (L to R): Rajiv Najrayan ’12, Stephanie Bradley ’12, Quinn Morgan ’12, Marc Larson-Hollack ’12, Sarah Hoover ’12, Dominick Carlson ’12, Christine Kim ’13, Zena Brown ’12.

2012 We Are Aggie Pride Founding Board Members (L to R):
Rajiv Najrayan ’12, Stephanie Bradley ’12, Quinn Morgan ’12, Marc Larson-Hollack ’12, Sarah Hoover
’12, Dominick Carlson ’12, Christine Kim ’13, Zena Brown ’12.

How do we raise funds for our awards?

We primarily raise funds by seeking generous donations from students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members, and friends of the program. The majority of our donations come from students, as our mission is to promote student philanthropy within the Davis community.Since we are an entirely volunteer program, every dollar donated goes directly into our Students Helping Students Award fund. We solicit donations through tabling events, so if you ever see us on campus, stop by and say hi!

How are funds disbursed?

Awards are disbursed through an application and review process, led by a student committee that is advised by staff experienced with financial aid and philanthropic management. We Are Aggie Pride offers three awards: the Students Helping Students Award, the UC Davis Stores Award (offered in partnership with the UC Davis Bookstore), and the Cap & Gown Award (offered in partnership with the UC Davis Bookstore). The particulars of each award are detailed on our Get Help page.

When reviewing applications, the We Are Aggie Pride review panel considers the immediate need of the student, other resources available on campus that may be able to help the applicant, and if the applicant has any additional awards from the financial aid office.

Application and award information is kept entirely confidential. These awards are not loans and do not need to be paid back—they exist through the generosity and caring of UC Davis students and other donors. You can apply for an award on our Get Help page.

How can I get involved?

We Are Aggie Pride was founded on the idea of “students helping students,” so your involvement is essential! You can make a donation to the program through our secure online system here. We also accept volunteers! We Are Aggie Pride is run by a volunteer board of student directors and receives additional support from volunteers who help run events and spread the word to their fellow students through word of mouth, social media and tabling events. More information on how to get involved can be found on our Get Involved page. This program is successful because of your support, so thank you for getting involved!

How can I contact program leaders?

The program is led by a volunteer board of students who are advised by university staff. You may contact We Are Aggie Pride via email at WeAreAggiePride@ucdavis.edu.